Euro Deemed a Failure

Jan 22nd, 2016 by adminadam in videos

“The €uro is a Failure”

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  • ECB to continue quantitative easing and maintain negative-interest rate policy through March, 2017.
  • Stock exchanges primarily dependent on stimulus and tax-payer subsidies.
  • ECB pronounce ‘no limit to the stimulus’.
  • Maintenance of ‘Price Stability’ — Doublespeak for “guaranteed annual consumer price increase of 2%” — the driving force behind negative interest rate and quantitative easing programs.
  • More state spending is advocated to solve problems created by state spending.
  • West-German tax-payers prop up insolvent PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain), unsustainable.
  • German Chancellor Angela Merkel forces demographic and financial burdens on German people.
  • No plan to restructure or reduce debt; proposed “Austerity”measures merely decreases in increased spending; faux Austerity Theatre.
  • Europeans uncomfortable with the notion of immediate, short-term economic pain from True Austerity; convinced by Academics and Bureaucrats that increased spending will magically solve fiscal problems.
  • Toxic Greek debt a threat to EU Area.
  • Weaker economies leaving EU, returning to own currencies, creating free-trade zones à la HK, seen as only viable path to regain solvency.
  • Minor spending decreases plus large tax increases enables irresponsible countries and bureaucrats at the expense of productive countries and tax-payers.
  • Euro deemed a failure.


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