Teacher Self-Check (You Ok?)

Dec 28th, 2008 by adminadam in articles

1. Are you healthy in body?
(If not, go sleep.)

2. Have you taken account of all classroom and teaching variables?
(“Yes”=Liar. “No”=Think.)

3. Do you know students have diverse learning styles?
(Haven’t you heard?)

4. Have you spiced things up lately with a variety of activities?
(What spice describes your class dynamic now?)

5. Have you included humor and fun in your plans?
(Are you fun and funny with your class?)

6. Are you intentionally having fun teaching?
(Does fun just happen randomly?)

7. Have you clarified your expectations lately?
(Today? Tomorrow?)

8. Did you make clear those expectations from the start?
(“No”=New Beginnings)

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