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The Man Who Set Up His Own Toll Road, Without Permission

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The Kelston Toll Road

This 400 meter toll road was created as a workaround for a landslide between Bath and Kelston which forced commuters to take a 14-mile detour. Fed up with the abysmally slow pace of the local city council’s reconstruction efforts, Mike Watts and his wife set out to fix the problem themselves: They built a road in 10 days, putting up their own house as collateral in the case that the road were to fail to pay for itself. As of October 31st, however, the Watts’ had already facilitated the passage of 100,000 cars, two-thirds of their requirement to break even. Good work, Mr. and Ms. Watts! And good work, Market Solutions!

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Do you close the curtains at night? Do you have deep and fascinating intimate conversations? Do you make jokes sometimes that you most certainly wouldn’t make if you knew strangers were listening? Do you pick and choose your friends carefully? Do you use caution when you write emails, knowing the connection isn’t secure? Do you whisper sweet nothings to your dearest love?

I say: whether you are an Upstanding Citizen (i.e. “nothing to hide”) or a Dissent-is-Patriotic type, the following video should give you some good food for thought.

Kind of makes me want to quit facebook and google entirely, honestly.