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Extropy +13: Toasters

by adminadam in home, videos

I just love the inverse demonstration of extropy that we see here in this video. The world is so full of embedded systems and technologies within technologies.

It is so difficult for one man to make and refine iron, steel, plastic, etc., yet these processes are fully matured, widespread and, in their own way, an important part of our heritage.

Our world is built upon these foundational technologies, increasingly managed by more intelligent agents and processes, increasingly allowing greater innovations to come forth: cpu’s, cell phones, airplanes, the internet, and so on.

Just as in the gene pool (but in a markedly accelerated and non-random kind of way) the technological innovations of today will form the building blocks of tomorrow’s refinements, advancements, and the overall extropic evolution nurtured by human kind. Today another brick, tomorrow a toaster pyramid.