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Let’s Use Thorium

by adminadam in home

  • Thorium is 4 times more common in the Earth’s crust than Uranium, and much safer to use as fuel.
  • Thorium is useless for making nuclear weapons; we can freely share the reactor designs.
  • Total energy extraction from Thorium is 200 times more efficient than that of Uranium.
  • Virtually all fissile material is used up in Liquid Flouride-Thorium Reactors, producing significantly less waste.
  • Low-temperature, low-pressure process makes meltdowns impossible.
  • Fail-safe salt plug halts reaction immediately upon loss of power or other malfunction.
  • All this extra energy can be used to create synthetic fuels from water and CO2, like methanol, ammonia, and dymethyl ether (for diesel).