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65 mya: An Explosion of Life

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This just in…

New simulations and research from Kyoto Sangyo University in Japan are showing that the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago likely ejected so much life-bearing material from the surface of our planet that it has been delivered not only to Mars and Venus, our celestial neighbors, but also to Europa, Enceladus (of Saturn), and even Gliese 581, an Earth-like world some 20 light years away.

By some estimates, the mass of ejected material could have been nearly equal to that of the asteroid that hit — over one trillion tons, that is, which began to spread in all directions upon impact.

Space rocks would have taken around one million years to reach as far as Gliese 581, researchers say.

Panspermia, the idea that life arrived here via life-bearing comets and other bodies, is seeming more likely, but now the reverse (shall we call it Pan-Ovia?) now appears to be true as well!

I am left in amazement pondering the possibility that we will one day fly to Gliese 581 and find lifeforms similar to ours living there…

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arXiv Study by Tetsuya Hara, Kazuma Takagi, and Daigo Kajiura