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Vision One

by adminadam in music, videos

There was a time when all the shadows of these tall buildings,
Would throw their cape around each corner of their grassy feet,
And one by one, each new shade, would cover the green way back;
Allowing changes that we could not have foreseen.

Everybody let us kiss upon the world we created.
Let us rest our eyes up by the great machine as we wave goodbye.
Feel the evening breeze caress your smile, the cities are dying,
As we watch it falling to a modern state, a modern time.

Remember when we hear the distant sound of human life?
A zillion noises whip our eyes that travel through the sky,
And one by one, each little sound, has faded away with time,
Allowing changes that we could not have foreseen.

Everybody let us say goodbye to all our emotions.
Cause there’s nothing left to say that we’re humane when we’re left behind.
It’s too late to think that we can worship human emotions.
Cause we’ve already evolved into machines in our minds.


Wu-Wei @ 7%

by adminadam in art, home, music, videos


Ever since watching Avatar I have been drawn back to Mononoke, the classic Miyazaki film about human greed versus the full force of nature. In Avatar, the Atokirina represent the planet’s life force; in Princess Mononoke, we have the Kodama (こだま 、反響音: echo). Both kinds of wood-sprites act as the eyes and ears of the forest, and sometimes as its messengers, as we see here with Jake Sully:

“We love Jake Sully! Don’t kill him!” — Woodsprites

As you may have figured by following this site, I am a huge fan of Röyksopp. So when I found this little number below I was clickin’ like a kodama, just stoked, you know. What could be better than seeing the little gangsta sprites dashing through the forest to uber-chill electronica? Really. It was just *so easy*.