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One Tough Extremophile: Tardigrade

by adminadam in home

She is the Water Bear, the Moss Piglet. She survives 6,000 meters up in the Himalayas, and down 4,000 meters under water.

She is one tough extremophile.

Blam! ¡La Señorita Tardigrada!


From Wikipedia:

Tardigrades are able to survive in extreme environments that would kill almost any other animal. Some can survive temperatures of close to absolute zero, Kelvin (−273 °C (−459 °F)), temperatures as high as 151 °C (304 °F), 1,000 times more radiation than other animals, and almost a decade without water. Since 2007, tardigrades have also returned alive from studies in which they have been exposed to the vacuum of outer space for a few days in low earth orbit.