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My Current Stack, v3.0

by adminadam in home

Nootropic Stack — Version 3 — May 2015

anxiolysis, focus Meditation 10-15 minutes weekday mornings breathing exercise: nose 5 sec. in, mouth 10 sec out. repeat x10.
memory, focus Study Japanese 15-20 minutes weekday mornings helps discipline in other areas
energy, focus, muscle tissue, immune support, balance, flexibility Taekwondo & Muy Thai one hour classes two times per week self-defense, sparring, board breaking, weapon training, and “forms”
anxiolysis, focus, muscle tissue, balance, flexibility Slacklining 5-30 minutes once a week on average, more in the summer excellent for core and leg strength and balance
wakefulness, executive function Modafinil 200-300mg tablet weekday mornings upon waking drink lots of water. add salt to maintain electrolytes.
wakefulness, anxiolysis Matcha Green Tea [buy] 4-6 grams powder, mixed in water from waking through early afternoon works with cold water.  contains calming L-theanine.
anxiolysis, immune support, hormonal balance Ashwagandha [buy] 500mg capsule with 300mg KSM-66 standardized extract and 200mg whole root powder twice a day calming and pro-social
anxiolysis Tianeptine Sodium 12.5mg powder three times a day powerful depression and anxiety relief
anxiolysis, energy Bromantane 75-100mg powder weekday mornings upon waking powerful anxiety relief
anxiolysis, energy, immune support Rhodiola Rosea [buy] 500mg capsule, 3% standardized extract once a day upon waking best on empty stomach
energy, executive function, muscle tissue Creatine Monohydrate 5 grams powder once a day upon waking increased muscle definition. slight initial muscle bloating.
energy, muscle tissue L-citrulline, DL-malate (2:1 powder) 3 grams powder once a day upon waking and after taekwondo in the evening reduces muscle cramping and soreness
focus, verbal fluency Oxiracetam 800-1200mg powder four times a day subtly stimulating and anxiolytic
focus, memory CDP-choline 400mg capsule three times a day helps with verbal fluency
memory, anxiolysis Bacopa Monnieri [buy] 250mg capsule, standardized to 45% bacosides twice a day take with food. memorizing names and kanji quicker.
memory, anti-demetia and cognitive function, myelination Lion’s Mane Mushroom [buy] 500mg capsule twice a day just started taking in May. waiting to see effects.
 memory, reaction speed Vinpocetine [buy] 10mg tablet two or three times a day subtly stimulating. increases cerebral blood flow.
anti-inflammation Turmeric Root 1-2 tbsp powder once a day upon waking helps fight and prevent sinus infections
turmeric bioavailability Black Pepper 50-100mg once a day upon waking helps with turmeric absorption. reports of modafinil tolerance reduction.
serotonin production, immune support Vitamin D two liquid drops = 4000 IU once a day upon waking take extra when a cold is coming on
fluoride detox, metabolism Iodine [buy] three liquid drops = 7-8mg once a day upon waking fluoride detox symptoms, albeit temporary, suck: acne, fever, nausea
gut health Raw Unmodified Potato Starch [buy] 1 tbsp twice a day mixes with water. causes flatulence initially.
electrolyte balance Pink Sea Salt 1/2 tsp two or three times a day increases thirst and water retention
electrolyte balance, muscle tissue Potassium (Citrate/Aspartate) 99mg capsule once a day as needed helps prevent muscle cramping after workouts
sleep quality Magnesium Glycinate 2 grams powder once a day before bed calming. increases amount of dreams at night.
muscle tissue, immune support L-glutamine 2-4 grams powder once a day upon waking and after taekwondo in the evenings reduces muscle cramping. reports of anxiety reduction.
gut health Primal Defense Ultra Probiotic [buy] 750mg capsule once or twice a day healthy gut, healthy mind!
vitamin A/D, omega 3’s Cod Liver Oil [buy] two 650mg softgels = 5000 IU vitamin A, 600 IU vitamin D, 30mg EPA, 30mg DHA once a day upon waking take extra when a cold is coming on
sleep quality Melatonin [buy] 3mg 20-30 minutes before bed increases number of dreams at night
joint health Glucosamine and MSM [buy] two 1500mg tablets = 1500mg glucosamine hydrochloride, 1500mg MSM once a day upon waking helps my wife fight arthritis
immune support, anti-inflammation Oregano Essential Oil [buy] one to two drops, 83% carvacrol one to three times a day helps fight colds, infection, parasites, viruses
immune support, heavy metal detox Chlorella Powder two to three grams once or twice a day reports of reduction in allergy symptoms

Telomerase & Meditation

by adminadam in articles, education

A new study from UC Davis is showing that meditation can, over-time, help to increase your telomerase, a vital rejuvenating enzyme that extends the life of cells and helps to repair damage.

The key is in meditation’s ability to reduce stress levels. Stronger psychologically; stronger physiologically. Clifford Saron, a researcher who contributed to the study, had this to say:

“The take-home message from this work is not that meditation directly increases telomerase activity and therefore a person’s health and longevity, rather, meditation may improve a person’s psychological well-being and in turn these changes are related to telomerase activity in immune cells, which has the potential to promote longevity in those cells. Activities that increase a person’s sense of well-being may have a profound effect on the most fundamental aspects of their physiology.”

The participants in the experimental group underwent intensive training during a three-month retreat, and, compared to the control group, generally showed greater ability to avoid neuroticism/negative emotionality, in addition to feeling more in control of their lives and aware of themselves by the end of the study. I personally find this a very encouraging link between mind and body.

I meditate a short while each morning. Generally, I focus on what it is that I am thinking, what feelings are arising, and, my breathing of course.

The aim in a large part of the various meditation traditions is to ‘observe without judgment’ and become aware of your own mind and how it works. This doesn’t have to be the lotus-position, focused-breathing type of meditation by any means. The UC Davis study does point to structured meditation, however, as correlating with telomerase increases. The volunteers in the UC Davis study  practiced in a group setting for two hours a day, and in solitude for an average of about six hours a day. And while this would certainly be untenable for most normal folks, sessions as short as 10 minutes seem to produce measurable changes in emotional regulation and increase psychological well-being, leading to the potentially life-extending physiological benefits.

If you are interested in meditation but don’t know where to start, here are 4 basic techniques:

  1. Impermanence Meditation: Think on happy and unhappy events/times in your life. Think back and notice how all these things change and nothing is permanent. As you recall an experience, say to yourself “This is also impermanent.” or “This too will pass.” This I have often tried as I am falling asleep, my head full of fantasies and worries for the coming day. It calms me down to think of the transient nature of everything like this. You may find it useful, too.
  2. Watching the Dust Cloud: The mind is constantly churning with thoughts. Trying to stop yourself from thinking anything is generally futile, like trying to clear the motes of dust floating in a sunbeam by throwing spears at individual specks; every time you throw a spear, the whole cloud just gets kicked up again. Wait and the dust settles. Here, the idea is to compassionately note to yourself, “Thinking, good buddy…” and choose a focus point — your breath going out, the look of the back inner side of your eyelids, the sounds you are hearing, whatever you want. Choose a focus point and notice yourself thinking. Let the quiet enter naturally and you should finish feeling quite refreshed — but I will warn you that I have spent up to 45 minutes working towards this clear-mind-feeling, although it was worth it in the end. The realization that you are having no thoughts fill your head is singular and also quite exciting.
  3. A Healing Light: Good for relaxing the body. In this exercise, the practitioner images a brilliant source of healing light wandering slowly and meticulously over every section of the body. As it does it’s healing work in your mind, you feel the sensation in your toes, then the bottoms, then the tops of your feet, and working slowly up the legs and torso, out onto the arms, and up the neck to the face and head, the light sets your body tingling… Even without an imaginary light source, “feeling” your toes, feet, legs, torso, arms and head one-by-one is a revitalizing mental massage.
  4. Tonglen Meditation: This one I get from Pema Chodron. It is meant to provide illumination in dark and hopeless times. You start with the assumption and, well, fact — that despite the level of your woes, there are those out in the world who are worse-off, those who live with great suffering: Hunger, disease, poverty, chronic stress, intense anger, resentment, jealousy, deep-seated negativity, and more. To awaken the Buddha inside of you — or perhaps Inner Light for those not so keen on Inner-Buddha — one must continue to develop empathetic skills. In Tonglen Meditation, one breathes in (symbolically) the black, poison smoke of suffering, lightening the burdens of fellow human beings, and then breathes out peace, love, wisdom, hope, and happiness, in a clear, cleansing breathe of light. Taking in suffering, breathing out release from suffering. The target may be an individual as well, a mourning mother, a drug-addicted father, a lonely child, a relative who is ill, anyone you choose. To cleanse others awakens the Inner-light, the Inner-Buddha, who can more easily see the transient, unjust, and cyclic side of things. This helps to develop compassion and empathy, and put things in one’s own life in perspective.

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Ocean of Glass

by adminadam in home

there is nothing wrong according to the universe
the universe is – it just is.
no wrong can be filtered in or out;
the filtering is personal,
stemming from personal bias and the unfortunately habitual mind.
the root of perception, the root of reality as experienced
is in the mind.
and again, there is nothing wrong in the mind,
except that which is learned,
but which can be unlearned somehow.
how now?
unlearning is very unlike learning for the first time:
learning is busy, and energy-intensive,
unlearning is noticing what we have learned, crystallized,
and putting it up to the light to be examined
not to be picked apart, but to see how the light shines through it:
how opaque is the thing we have learned, which now we can objectively see?
unlearning is noticing:
the structures of the mind are nothing more than the waves of a slowly creeping, icy liquid ocean
impermanent, but seemingly ominous, seeming not to move.
and yet all these things that seem so solid, especially those that seem most solid, are corruptible, transient, creeping through time like the glass creeping down the cathedral pane, painfully slow, gravity constantly easing it downward…
unlearning is not a breaking of the glass, but a feel, for its subtle curvature, to grasp at where things are going, no more…
unlearning is calm and peaceful, reflection naturally healing, restoring energy, enlightening
like light shining through the pieces of this slowly shifting ocean made of glass,
the mind like an ocean made of glass.
the mind like an ocean made of glass.
the mind like an ocean made of glass.


A Static Kind of Truth

by adminadam in poetry

a life of pure poetry is not so poetic,
not so romantic when romanticized completely.
turn up the master volume,
and soon you can’t hear anything but
static interference,
and un-poetry.
best pause the overeager program
and find yourself absurdly stuck.
it may not be poetic, but at least it will be true, so
pause the static and take in the empty

space — it will be good for you.


A Simple Morning Meditation

by adminadam in quotes

“Say to yourself in the early morning: I shall meet today ungrateful, violent, treacherous, envious, uncharitable men. All of these things have come upon them through ignorance of real good and ill… I can neither be harmed by any of them, for no man will involve me in wrong, nor can I be angry with my kinsman or hate him; for we have come into the world to work together…”

— Meditations: Marcus Aurelius


Mind Is Pond

by adminadam in poetry

mind is pond

multiple entry
populating the waters are the senses
info seeds and thought bubbles
they tinge freeze and boil
but the pond doesn’t move

mind is pond
it’s definition devoid
please don’t be the fish
watch them swim

the stirring
without stirring

no interference
no end, and
no beginning

this is the beginning of it all
clarified and bemuddled