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Rupert Sheldrake – Banned TED Talk – “The Science Delusion”

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I now plan to read his book, The Science Delusion, as well. It is an excellent talk and TED is doing itself a huge disservice in removing it from their front page. They have relegated it to a small back corner of their site and labelled it “open for discussion”. I personally feel disgusted at their behavior, especially considering the meritorious elucidation of the problems with science as it is currently practiced in our world today.

RupertSheldrake ChangeInScience

A big thank you to Rupert for his dedication to real science and real skepticism. And unless they reinstate it in a prominent place in an expedient fashion, a big shame on TED for their hypocrisy in claiming that they want to engage — with us, with Sheldrake, and with the world on the very important topic of what we actually know and what we think we know — as they actively try to dis-engage from it all.

Other talks that have been censored by TED:
Nick Hanauer: Rich People Don’t Create Jobs
Graham Hancock: The War on Consciousness [another must-watch]

Another view into the minds of TED organizers:
JRE #330 (The Joe Rogan Experience): Eddie Huang TED Conference Exposed


Activist Hypocrisy – 4 Poems

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Poems on activist hypocrisy.
From a book called “Burning the Anarchist Bible: Cynical poetry for those fed up with dogma”


he was a big guy, chicano, bisexual
nice as folks come
didn’t smoke but bummed for his friends,
kill whitey patch on his knee.

he chuckled at a rape joke once
and has been raped himself
but people don’t disclaim that
when they painfully laugh.

so a white woman turns on him
there is nothing funny about rape.

she calls him a straight white male
who would therefore never have to deal with rape.
the only word she got right was male.
he calls her sexist.

she learns that he is chicano
and her story changes.
she explains that in the same way
that he, chicano, couldn’t be racist
against her, white
she, woman, couldn’t be sexist against him,

“I was raised a racist,” he replies,
“by militant chicano seperatists.”
with her choice anti-racist views
she had denied the struggles he had
against his own internalized racial

but that’s okay, because later he became
too racist against us good white folks
or something
and we had to kick him out.


she gave three men, crusty punks, a ride
six hundred miles.

of course, she bought all of the gas.
of course, they didn’t know how to drive.

“why do you own a car?” it was their refrain.

she played the radio and drove them
most of the way up the west coast
to their green anarchist gathering.

on the stereo, political rap.
“if a woman ain’t down, she can never
really be your wife.”

“turn that sexist shit off.” it was their chorus.

“look, I am a woman, and it doesn’t offend me.”

sitting shotgun, one took the opportunity of
turning that sexist shit off for her.

“just because I am a man, doesn’t mean
I can’t be a feminist.”


years ago in high school
I was no anarchist.
I thought laws could solve the problems of oppression
and I thought rules should curtail improper behavior.

we formed the gay-straight alliance
to let everyone know that homophobia was going to stop.

one day a teacher taught us that fanny packs were for fags
and I used to respect that teacher
but I told him I didn’t appreciate gay jokes.
three other memebers of the gay-straight alliance
who were in the class with me
tried to turn invisible.

he told me that it wasn’t serious.

I told him the law against queer discrimination
in the public schools of our county.

his eyebrows dropped in anger
his old broken hands wrung themselves
“if you want someone to understand you
or comply, the worst possible way is
to quote law at them, to tell them
what they can and cannot do.”

I was silent and self-righteous at the time
but he was right about law.

I still don’t appreciate gay jokes.


there was a campfire in the woods, of course
and we soberly plotted authority’s demise. Read the rest of this entry »