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Potentially Habitable Exoplanets

by adminadam in home

Here are some of the best candidates for worlds outside of our solar system which may make good homes for future humans in the mood for exploration:


FYI: As of August 8, 2012, the total number of confirmed exoplanets (planets both habitable and inhabitable that we’ve discovered) is: 777.

Consider that out of 777 there are also some 55+ other potentially habitable exoplanets and exomoons that are so far unconfirmed.

What if for every 1,000 worlds we found there were 20 habitable ones? That’s a lot of life support!


Thrive On, Thrive Out

by adminadam in poetry

thrive on and thrive out while you still can,
for the cosmos is expanding like a memory that fades

a memory like
your lover being yanked out of your hands by a forward-clanging train
you choke on puked out smoke and steam and hold back dirtied tears
while a painful hasty nothing grows between what once was One
felt unsure if you could ever catch again the outstretched fingers
they once were yours…

look up!
the rockets flying right past stars nearly at light-speed
are struggling to connect anything
much less merge the species of far-flung galaxies
scoop up eons of light to go and eons more coming back
after all this travel time will we be any closer?
the lover also wants to know…

sometimes i wonder whether we should sit and wait for ansible
or other instant protocols for instant message needs
to talk not just to future times that won’t know who we are
but to every living crawling swimming flying walking thing
not the least of which is all the forms that we will take someday
i’m afraid that if we wait too long even we humans won’t be one,
we’ll be humans A and humans B,
or worse, at this rate,
humans A and humans Z
and one will sign and one will talk
and one will smell what you mean and the other just baulk
at the way those other guys try to communicate with their noses and their complex pheromones
and if we stay spread apart in time and space it won’t be long till everything
is a universe apart

oh, being apart…
even to you today your other half is half-alien
not even two continents away
the alien beeps and groans still sputter out down from your speakers
despite such wicked throughput, the quickest ping, and best intentions
skype is just not true to life
and it’s looking like what’s not so close is far too far away
what’s a man to do?
can we keep the light years at bay?

some will say to multiply in people and in rockets,
to exponentialize our meager efforts and
to try to reach the stars that are breaking off and slipstreaming away

it seems it comes down to this notion that we must always grow
and be the beings that end up being all and everything
lest we find ourselves stuck entropically
on some lonely swimming rock in space
crumbling till our final grain of sand
becomes the finest mote of dust on hand
to be exhaled in the universe’s
final tiny breath.

but how much force can the soul withstand while plastered to the sky?
and can we learn how to drench with love the distant planets’ hearts and minds?
to join, unite, and conquer this darkness
the forced separation a lover feels
can it be made right?
will we find a way to create light?

[inspired by: the story of dark energy and the joys of being wrong]


Open Possibility

by adminadam in home, quotes

As Karl Jaspers wrote: “The human being is an open possibility, incomplete and incompletable. Hence it is always more and other than what he has brought to realisation in himself.” Nevertheless, it is our responsibility to try imagining what that human being could be at the next stage of its history.

p.234 – The Evolving Self, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Beyond Self-Actualization is of course Transcendence, which is easiest to conceptualize as the light outside of the self into which the self dissolves… Symbols are unsatisfactory at this point, suffice it to say that the non-dual awareness of the unity in the cosmos which one may or may not attempt to reach or enter into is ____________________. < Just indescribable > What we can say is that for those unique souls that can and often do make a habit of self-actualizing – it is to you that Transcendence is most accessible and Enlightenment most tantalizingly close! … And we do hope that you stick around and help brighten up the place here a bit before you depart. : )


Vision One

by adminadam in music, videos

There was a time when all the shadows of these tall buildings,
Would throw their cape around each corner of their grassy feet,
And one by one, each new shade, would cover the green way back;
Allowing changes that we could not have foreseen.

Everybody let us kiss upon the world we created.
Let us rest our eyes up by the great machine as we wave goodbye.
Feel the evening breeze caress your smile, the cities are dying,
As we watch it falling to a modern state, a modern time.

Remember when we hear the distant sound of human life?
A zillion noises whip our eyes that travel through the sky,
And one by one, each little sound, has faded away with time,
Allowing changes that we could not have foreseen.

Everybody let us say goodbye to all our emotions.
Cause there’s nothing left to say that we’re humane when we’re left behind.
It’s too late to think that we can worship human emotions.
Cause we’ve already evolved into machines in our minds.