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A Dream of a Volunteer Economy

by adminadam in home

I had a dream that people around me were so excited to do volunteer work in the local Commons, and that people were spreading the message that you could volunteer, you could be thanked for your work, and you could go home just as soon as you were done with your work. The first thing I saw people doing was fixing or installing some wiring for a mailbox (don’t ask; it’s all fuzzy at this point!) — perhaps they were setting it up to notify recipients of when packages had arrived?? The clearest feeling I had in the dream was that people were so stoked to be told that they were free to go after they finished something — and this message was spreading like wildfire! People also appreciated the part about being thanked for what they had done, but that wasn’t the most exciting thing for them — it was more the free-association aspect that they liked.

I woke up feeling really excited about this myself, and wanted to go and help and continue to spread the word that ‘we could be interacting and living in such a novel way!’

It makes me think about my recent use of Stack Overflow for learning programming: It is a very social-libertarian/anarchistic place, a sort of Commons, where people interact and help each other out without being obligated to, and where they are rewarded in kind (with badges and contributions points and gracious comments) for doing so. And we are free to ‘go home’ at any time! How about that?

Pretty swell thing, eh?