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Alan Watts on Nothingness

by adminadam in education, quotes, videos

  • Sleep, passivity, rest — these are all things which are neglected due to a fear of Nothingness.
  • Nothing is more fertile than Emptiness.
  • It’s not ‘You can’t have Something for Nothing’, it’s ‘You can’t have Something without Nothing’.
  • That which is void is precisely Form. And that which is form is precisely Void.

A Static Kind of Truth

by adminadam in poetry

a life of pure poetry is not so poetic,
not so romantic when romanticized completely.
turn up the master volume,
and soon you can’t hear anything but
static interference,
and un-poetry.
best pause the overeager program
and find yourself absurdly stuck.
it may not be poetic, but at least it will be true, so
pause the static and take in the empty

space — it will be good for you.


Mind Is Pond

by adminadam in poetry

mind is pond

multiple entry
populating the waters are the senses
info seeds and thought bubbles
they tinge freeze and boil
but the pond doesn’t move

mind is pond
it’s definition devoid
please don’t be the fish
watch them swim

the stirring
without stirring

no interference
no end, and
no beginning

this is the beginning of it all
clarified and bemuddled