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Opening the Third Eye

by adminadam in articles, education

Naturally detoxify your pineal gland.

The pineal gland acts as the spiritual center of your brain. It produces both melatonin and DMT, otherwise known as the “spirit molecule”. It helps you to sleep, dream, and transcend the atomized, materialist world we live in. Unfortunately, through the constant abuse that is our everyday consumption and absorption of contaminated food, water, and air, the pineal gland calcifies, or hardens. This results in a major diminishing of its potential. It produces far less of the wonderful substances and hormones, like melatonin, that it should. Part of the reason that pineal gland calcification is such an issue is due to the fact that the pineal gland is a small (tiny) gland which is, however, exposed to some of the greatest volumes of blood-flow of any gland or organ in the body. Note: It is not behind the blood-brain barrier, although it is still considered part of the brain.

The major culprits in the calcification process are the halides (fluoride, bromide, and chloride). Also harmful are: mercury, pesticides, and excess calcium, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. With this in mind it is advisable to avoid fluoridated water and toothpaste, high-mercury fish, non-organic food and produce, and similarly it is recommended to eat (and drink) moderately, eat fresh, eat organic, and ingest some of the following very beneficial and decalcifying natural foods and supplements:

Iodine is a proven detoxifying, decalcifying element. It is also something many people are deficient in around the world. In fact Americans used to consume much higher amounts of iodine, in addition to being given supplements like Lugol’s Solution for a wide variety of ailments, particularly metabolic ones. Iodine is necessary for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland and concomitantly it very efficiently flushes halides like fluoride out of your system — if you have enough of it, that is. If you begin supplementing with iodine, you may in fact notice just how good of a job it’s doing: you happen to come down with a variety curious and gruesome symptoms — nausea, acne, and fevers. These are actually the symptoms of fluoridism, bromidism, and chloridism; acute doses of these halides are being released into your system all of a sudden as a result of the detoxification process with iodine. You don’t feel such symptoms normally because A) you don’t (probably) consume acute doses of these halides, and B) because these toxins have been building up and hiding away in your fatty tissues, in your bones, and in calcium deposits all throughout your body for YEARS! Note that I am talking about detox symptoms that can occur upon starting supplementing iodine a la Iodoral, which is a substantial boost of 12.5mg of iodine per tablet. This amount is actually roughly equivalent to the average daily dose a Japanese person gets from their diet. Interestingly, Japanese people also have significantly lower rates of metabolic syndrome, thyroid issues (hyper-, hypo-, goiters), and also of breast cancer than we Westerners do. They get this bounty of iodine through kelp and seaweeds primarily. Other good food-based sources include cranberries, potatoes (with the skin), and yogurt.

A word to the wise if you are going to pursue supplementation with what we might call ‘acute’ doses of iodine, it is good to keep some things in mind: 1) the detox symptoms (which may be caused by a Herxheimer reaction due to bromine release) are temporary, 2) they are most likely a sign that you are detoxing from large quantities of halides, 3) the symptoms you feel as this is happening can be attenuated significantly, and 4) the way to do this, to ease your detox process, is to drink lots and lots of fresh, natural water, consume extra Vitamin C and some unrefined salt (good for bromine detox), and also supplement magnesium and calcium to ease the fluoride detox process, one which leeches calcium from your body on its way out, forming calcium-fluoride before being excreted.

Melatonin supplementation may be helpful in the decalcification process. It is also a powerful anti-oxidant which gobbles up damaging free-radicals and is helpful in falling and staying asleep.

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar such as Bragg’s contains malic acid, which is a powerful detoxifier. Remember to buy your vinegar raw — and go organic if you can. I put about a half-tablespoon of it into a tall glass of water and imbibe it. (I find this aids my digestion as well.)

Garlic acts as a decalcifier and is also an immune-booster and a natural antibiotic. I eat raw garlic finely chopped up — I actually swallow this with lots of water without chewing any of the pieces. This helps me avoid the burning sensation and intense flavors taking over my mouth. FYI, leaving your garlic to air out for a while after you chop it up allows for more of the essential oils and beneficial compounds in it to activate.

Oregano oil is a natural antibiotic that is apparently able to break through the calcium shells that harmful bacteria build around themselves within the pineal gland. Cool, huh?

Organic beets (and beet powder) contain high levels of naturally occurring boron, which is a powerful detoxifying agent and cleanser for the pineal gland. Eat the beats or mix the powder into a glass of your filtered or distilled (non-fluoridated) drinking water.

Cilantro, raw lemon juice, raw cacao, and chaga mushrooms are all said to be positive contributors in this fight as well, for various reasons. Cilantro as a general detoxifying food, the lemon juice for its citric acid, raw cacao for its high antioxidant content, and the chaga mushroom for its multiple phytonutrients and high melanin content. These are all probably very healthy for you otherwise as well. The superfood Chlorella, a species of single-cell green algae, is also great for detoxing (pulling heavy metals out of the body) and is packed with nutrients.

For cost effectiveness, try the apple cider vinegar, garlic, beets, and iodine-supplement route. From my research these are all superfoods (or supersupplements) that will boost your immune system and metabolism as they help you detoxify your body and decalcify your mind.


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A Dream of a Volunteer Economy

by adminadam in home

I had a dream that people around me were so excited to do volunteer work in the local Commons, and that people were spreading the message that you could volunteer, you could be thanked for your work, and you could go home just as soon as you were done with your work. The first thing I saw people doing was fixing or installing some wiring for a mailbox (don’t ask; it’s all fuzzy at this point!) — perhaps they were setting it up to notify recipients of when packages had arrived?? The clearest feeling I had in the dream was that people were so stoked to be told that they were free to go after they finished something — and this message was spreading like wildfire! People also appreciated the part about being thanked for what they had done, but that wasn’t the most exciting thing for them — it was more the free-association aspect that they liked.

I woke up feeling really excited about this myself, and wanted to go and help and continue to spread the word that ‘we could be interacting and living in such a novel way!’

It makes me think about my recent use of Stack Overflow for learning programming: It is a very social-libertarian/anarchistic place, a sort of Commons, where people interact and help each other out without being obligated to, and where they are rewarded in kind (with badges and contributions points and gracious comments) for doing so. And we are free to ‘go home’ at any time! How about that?

Pretty swell thing, eh?


The Words of Unsung Songs

by adminadam in poetry

unrecognized labor, it’s like
diplomacy failing to reconcile greedy ego speed
and compassion filled wishing well deeds,
or one too many attempts at subtlety wrapped comically
big in philosophical arrangements, tenacious.
wishing it would all just
coalesce and acquiesce
in other words, gel
god damn,
it must be done just
work together,
recognize the dissolution of words
brought on by your reading me bland
like you puff away unwanted feathers above,
too lazy to use your hand.
maybe you know it but read on ever blindly, thus,
recognize the fact that i can’t help you all that much
you will mostly have to do it by yourself it seems
but you will do it,
and well, nonetheless,
for you are you, and i am me,
and we are together humanity, said so sardonically,
strained by scarcity propped up with patronizing animosity.
what makes it so hard to snap off the
clingy tendrils of dogma destined to
destroy those of us who look bleak?
let decaying vines crumble earthwise,
back down to base materialism not,
don’t let the wasted possibilities melt
in with our spent passion hot,
that which was meant
to be recovered, remade.
don’t back down to the base materialism we hate.
don’t back down at all.
answer the call – it’s for you…
i don’t want to hear you moan.
climb out of your fuzzy notions of hope of far-too-self-delimiting a scope.
let the curtains rest aside and the sunlight attest
to the fact that
we’re all doomed to
wear our best vest
on the day that we feel the worst,
but it’s no curse,
it’s just the first day we rehearse.
everyday should be this tangibly bitterly incomplete,
but not so much to
deplete that which keeps us up to
hear tales of grand folk
who smiled wide walking down empty wet streets.


The Original ‘Destiny Hack’ About Poem

by adminadam in home, poetry, prose

These words now exposed to your scrutiny balance on a knife’s fine edge.
Precarious, they lean between communiqué scraped pragmatically clean
and backward-fantastical-notional-schemes.

But few words can in fact
pass through the Filter of Lucidity twice
to crack open classical infamy tracks.

Amongst these terms tried-and-true
rare is it indeed to find intact
the lustrously gleaming expression the author
had originally intended to trap.

This writing
novelty fully infused
is not to be confused with any existentially tempting blues
any more than you on your quest to find
the needle house in this haywire stack-of-cards
you have been led to peruse.

In other words what you find here is yours to reuse,
an invitation not with haste to be refused.

And so lexical textures,
never before by human-literal-agency sought,
came here to thrive

Nigh one in ten thousand’s immortal,
but the words, self-actualizing,
populate at maximum hue
a satisfaction threshold that you never knew
until that time comes when jubilance decides to quit
for the sake of the emergent posterity’s mood.

This to make room for the blooming future’s comic wit.
The young need somewhere to sit and you a place in which to fit.
May you find it here.
And realize that your reach extends courageously
both past your grasp and whatever-it-is that you think that you lack.

So, let no one deprive you of this:
Your unequivocally-unlimited-and-ferocious capacity to bounce back,
the soul impossible to sack; to you best of luck on this destiny hack.

“Best of luck to you on this destiny hack.”