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Be Ready for World Citizenship

by adminadam in home

  • Read 100 novels (and enjoy them!)
  • Read 100 non-fiction books (and enjoy!)
  • Speak at least 2 languages (and translate for someone that only speaks one!)
  • Understand the conditions where you live by seeing other places.
  • Understand the lives of others by living and working with as many people as possible.
  • Lead a life, any kind of life, as best you can so that children may grow up with role models.
  • Be ready to share your heart, be ready to be hurt, be ready to forgive and to move on.
  • Keep your chin up, shake hands with conviction, be assertive, follow your dreams.
  • Contribute your talents to educate, entertain, and nurture others.
  • Take care of your mind and body: Never stop learning; never stop moving; never stop meeting new people.

Now I believe you are ready!