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Wind in the Forest

by adminadam in poetry

Ancient Tongue

All persons
Familiar or otherwise
Are now winds.
Their faces appearing intermittently
Between gaps of voidness
As thin fragile films
On invisible Air.
How can such unreal manifestations be permanent?
They change, these insubstantial happenings,
So I call them winds.

Only you seem to remain fairly loyal
To my past perceptions,
However deceptive.
It can be expected
Since you are the closest
Of all natural expressions
To ultimate Natures
Of that, I have accepted

The immaculate jasmine that lasts but for a day,
The leaves of the Kopsia aged red,
Butterflies and moths,
Dragonflies and moths,
Dragonflies levitate,
These are thoughts,
But whose thoughts?

The language of Man
Too has vanished with the winds,
I’ve lost all words my teacher drilled me.
May I borrow your tongue to communicate,
O plants of the world,
Your lips to speak?
And safe-keep my memories between your layers of leaves?
O Mother Earth, O Father Sky!
Only with your words can I talk to you,
And I can do so only when I’m no different from
A showy hibiscus,
Or the moon, the mirror of the sun,
Or the sun, the discus of life.

7 November 1994
The Venerable Sujiva
The Buddhist Wisdom Center

I have, for some time, been talking to plants. Not in the way some people talk to themselves. It’s more of a communication, but not like what the mediums do during seances. When you develop keen awareness while working with and among plants, you can sense their unique characteristics, not just their external morphology but qualities which seem to tell you about the nature of life, the ways of the world and so forth. It enlivens and inspires my spiritual life as well as contributing to good health. Everyone should learn the ancient language Nature speaks. This reminds me of a short poem I wrote long ago:

Nature speaks in symbols and signs
Catch them while they fly
Let her tell you what’s in her heart
— The Truth that never dies!