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Soy la cascada.

by adminadam in poetry

soy la cascada.
soy la gota de agua cayendo.
soy todo: el principio, sí
y la conclusión también.

soy la muerte y la vida.
no tengo fin; continúo.
siempre he estado aquí.
y aunque no me veas,
todavía estoy.

soy la cascada,
dando saltos mortales hasta el desenlace
del universo.



by adminadam in quotes

It is not the appearance that binds you,
it’s the attachment to appearance that binds you.


Working Hard to Enlighten

by adminadam in education, home, videos

First Buddhism-related post in quite a while. This one a speech from one of my favorite wise people about progressing along the path of spiritual-development. What does it take to grow? Do we need guides along the way? Certainly it doesn’t hurt to be pushed once in a while. I love the story here and how it demonstrates the value of troublemakers in our lives.

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