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The Methuselarity

by adminadam in articles

“The 20th century was not 100 years of progress at today’s rate but, rather, was equivalent to about 20 years, because we’ve been speeding up to current rates of change. And we’ll make another 20 years of progress at today’s rate, equivalent to that of the entire 20th century, in the next 14 years. And then we’ll do it again in just 7 years. Because of this exponential growth, the 21st century will equal 20,000 years of progress at today’s rate of progress — 1,000 times greater than what we witnessed in the 20th century, which itself was no slouch for change.”  — Ray Kurzweil and Terry Grossman (from fantastic voyage)

From our standpoint, let me get this straight, we will likely see 200 centuries of progress in a mere one!? With this in mind, we can predict that our medical technology should also progress analogously; that is, incredibly fast. The Methuselarity (alternatively, Actuarial Escape Velocity) is the notion that we can add more than one year’s life expectancy every year. Meaning that while my life expectancy may be about 80 or 85 at the moment, once we reach actuarial escape velocity, this number will climb by more than one year each year… Fascinating. It is truly a wonderful thought… But what are the roadblocks? What conditions must be met?

For one, we need to *not* blow ourselves up. Second, science and technology must continue to develop reasonably; meaning no oppressive, innovation-blocking world governments should be allowed to rule (Go wikileaks!). Third, we are not struck by an asteroid. Fourth, the higgs-boson does not end up being a sentient, malevolent subatomic particle intent on annihilating us all. And, finally, Neo-luddites do not bring about total anarchy… (although I do like their reverence of nature.)

Meeting all these caveats, we can dawn our cave-hats and have a party of indefinite span! No, really… It means: help hold the world together, stay healthy, and you may just live to sing “when I’m one-hundred-and-sixty-four”. What do you think? (See this SENS Foundation FAQ) … Would you object?

“The essence of the human species is to extend and expand our boundaries.”
Ray & Terry


The 7 Mechanisms of Aging

by adminadam in articles, education

The seven aging mechanisms that run down our bodies are:

  1. Loss and atrophy of cells
  2. Accumulation of unnecessary cells
  3. Chromosomal mutation
  4. Mitochondrial mutation
  5. Intracellular junk
  6. Extracellular junk
  7. Cross-links in extracellular proteins

Before gerontology comes to the rescue, you’ll have to take care of your own cells in the following ways:

  1. Exercise – Preferably up to 1 hour a day, the more the better. Weights, walking, swimming, yoga, you name it. Personally, I love weights, the stationary bike, and soccer.
  2. Sleep – 7+ Z’s per night will do you good.
  3. Proper nutrition: In addition to lots of good fat, protein, and vegetables, try throwing in some reservatrol (wine) and melatonin (use the supplement, or darken your sleeping area) to combat free-radicals, and perhaps lower your calorie intake (caloric restriction).
  4. Lower your stress and blood pressure levels: Meditation, exercise, laughing, walking, talking with friends, creativity, making art and music — these are all good things.
  5. Keep your mind in gear: Try to learn some synonyms, or read some great free books!
  6. Stay social to stay happy: Again, this will help with lowering your stress and blood-pressure.
  7. Keep up to date on important health research: try the Methuselah Foundation.

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