Rupert Sheldrake – Banned TED Talk – “The Science Delusion”

Mar 16th, 2013 by adminadam in videos

I now plan to read his book, The Science Delusion, as well. It is an excellent talk and TED is doing itself a huge disservice in removing it from their front page. They have relegated it to a small back corner of their site and labelled it “open for discussion”. I personally feel disgusted at their behavior, especially considering the meritorious elucidation of the problems with science as it is currently practiced in our world today.

RupertSheldrake ChangeInScience

A big thank you to Rupert for his dedication to real science and real skepticism. And unless they reinstate it in a prominent place in an expedient fashion, a big shame on TED for their hypocrisy in claiming that they want to engage — with us, with Sheldrake, and with the world on the very important topic of what we actually know and what we think we know — as they actively try to dis-engage from it all.

Other talks that have been censored by TED:
Nick Hanauer: Rich People Don’t Create Jobs
Graham Hancock: The War on Consciousness [another must-watch]

Another view into the minds of TED organizers:
JRE #330 (The Joe Rogan Experience): Eddie Huang TED Conference Exposed


  • You’re one of my favorite blogs to visit, and every once in awhile you post something that seems like it just cannot be some arbitrary connection of events. I picked up Ishmael on a whim yesterday, and that was already a seemingly “god-like” event(for those pre-disposed to that sort of mythology). And then today, you’ve posted this! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for keeping up a great blog.

    It was really trippy and I had to share.

  • TED has just lost its credibility.

    Even if Sheldrake was barking mad (he is not) there is no justification for their action. We should be allowed to make up our own minds.