Old Man, Time

Feb 2nd, 2009 by adminadam in poetry


Old man time just keeps on running.
You can try to run with him.
You can try to run ahead of him,
but you’ll almost definitely trip.
You may lag behind him,
but he’s got a chain on your leg,
and he’s unstoppable,

so you’re gonna get dragged through the dirt,
and get all bruised up,
and it’ll be a terrible mess.
So pick yourself up.

Start running.
You may find your optimal pace
is actually the same as the old man.
Old men don’t run too fast, after all.
It could be fun
I mean,
you can actually decide
where to run.
You just gotta stick with the old guy…

Your intuition is the best direction,
whether it takes you through the forest,
to a friend’s house or yours,
to your enemy’s lair or the moon,
Follow it
at a good pace.
It’ll be the best run of your life.

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