Don’t Escape So Fast

Oct 18th, 2009 by adminadam in prose


Universe got you down?
First bring some grace to your mind.
With this, ironically, grace to others is simultaneous.

A nicely shaped concept, attainable but perhaps unsustainable.
So slow maintenance soothes.

Say to yourself: This is what I want — cosmic comfort.

Tao friends unite, eat grapes, and be merry.
Otherwise this wine will turn to vinegar.

The sky is flat and beautiful.
The mind weak and excitable.
Life is short and stressful,
but not necessarily so, you see…

Venus is watching, as is Mars
And while, in your mind, the Earth may be one pixel,
You are without a doubt only one pixel in Earth’s.
Always remember that.

You are but one processing unit.
And yet you have a place.
One pixel in the screen.
So don’t muck it up.
Don’t leave your block burnt up looking like another rock;
It’s not so aesthetically pleasing.

What is pleasing, however,
is the gradual recoloring of your transcendental neighborhood.
For this you will need some basic self-affirmations:

I am a human and I own my life.
I create reality but am linked to everything.
Just and peaceful turns of the mind do not only benefit me.

The usual suspects of confusion, anger, apathy, and grief,
These guys can be allies;
They have scoped out the terrain.
Listen and learn how to proceed from them.
Their language is one of ugly sounds with beautiful meanings.

Delay their negation.
Immeasurably it pays off.
Don’t escape so fast.
You have to know what you are running from.

When you next update your reality, please install these files.
The desktop will take on a whole new look.
Because perception is reality; i.e. WYSIWYG,
What you (choose to) see is what you get.

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