The Original ‘Destiny Hack’ About Poem

Apr 1st, 2008 by adminadam in home, poetry, prose

These words now exposed to your scrutiny balance on a knife’s fine edge.
Precarious, they lean between communiqué scraped pragmatically clean
and backward-fantastical-notional-schemes.

But few words can in fact
pass through the Filter of Lucidity twice
to crack open classical infamy tracks.

Amongst these terms tried-and-true
rare is it indeed to find intact
the lustrously gleaming expression the author
had originally intended to trap.

This writing
novelty fully infused
is not to be confused with any existentially tempting blues
any more than you on your quest to find
the needle house in this haywire stack-of-cards
you have been led to peruse.

In other words what you find here is yours to reuse,
an invitation not with haste to be refused.

And so lexical textures,
never before by human-literal-agency sought,
came here to thrive

Nigh one in ten thousand’s immortal,
but the words, self-actualizing,
populate at maximum hue
a satisfaction threshold that you never knew
until that time comes when jubilance decides to quit
for the sake of the emergent posterity’s mood.

This to make room for the blooming future’s comic wit.
The young need somewhere to sit and you a place in which to fit.
May you find it here.
And realize that your reach extends courageously
both past your grasp and whatever-it-is that you think that you lack.

So, let no one deprive you of this:
Your unequivocally-unlimited-and-ferocious capacity to bounce back,
the soul impossible to sack; to you best of luck on this destiny hack.

“Best of luck to you on this destiny hack.”

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