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Curious: The Muqaddimah

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I am very curious about this book. I have just learned about Ibn Khaldun through wikipedia and he is perhaps best known for this and the series it is part of. Seems it is probably the first attempt at a Philosophy of History. It also recounts much of the history of the Middle East and delves into many fields, like economics, sociology, and religion. If you want to preview or read it online, please click on the cover photo.

The Muqaddimah - An Introduction to History - Ibn Khaldun

I will of course post a review and continue to add quotes to my quotes page as I get into it.
(At this point I have yet to order it, but hope to very soon!)
— 84adam, Mar. 3, 2013


XKCD Radiation Chart

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( click for large version )


Foundational, Turkey. (Vakıflı)

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I’m such a Foundation (Asimov) nerd that I had to post this when I found out that a town in Turkey was actually named “with/of Foundation” i.e. Foundational = Vakıflı. Here is a clip of the wikipedia entry on it. Apparently the only remaining Armenian village in Turkey.


Chinese Hell Bank Notes

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These are meant to be burned at funerals in China.
The concept of Hell was interpreted as a general ‘afterlife’, not as the Christian missionaries attempted to convey it in the negative, eternal-hell-fire sense that we understand in the west. Hence the use of ‘Hell Notes’ to ferry departed souls into ‘Heaven’.

More Chinese Hell Notes can be seen here: (http://www.bigwhiteguy.com/baskets/hell.php)
More Really Cool World Bank Notes can be seen here: (http://www.joelscoins.com/catpm.htm)

XKCD power-up!

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I love that xkcd made this comic:

But I love even more that xkcd is so cool that someone was inspired to actually make the real game! Yes, please try it — it’s insanely, the exact same thing — but in real life! CLICK HERE.