Be Ready for World Citizenship

Sep 3rd, 2010 by adminadam in home
  • Read 100 novels (and enjoy them!)
  • Read 100 non-fiction books (and enjoy!)
  • Speak at least 2 languages (and translate for someone that only speaks one!)
  • Understand the conditions where you live by seeing other places.
  • Understand the lives of others by living and working with as many people as possible.
  • Lead a life, any kind of life, as best you can so that children may grow up with role models.
  • Be ready to share your heart, be ready to be hurt, be ready to forgive and to move on.
  • Keep your chin up, shake hands with conviction, be assertive, follow your dreams.
  • Contribute your talents to educate, entertain, and nurture others.
  • Take care of your mind and body: Never stop learning; never stop moving; never stop meeting new people.

Now I believe you are ready!


  • Love this list. If half of the people in the world followed through on half of these items it would create a utopia.

  • Would this means that World Citizen ship is only open to those privileged enough to afford 200 books, have access to education, and the opportunity to travel? The “World Citizens” will be a very small elitist bunch

    • Reading books is easier than say getting a PhD though right? Books are relatively cheap and can be traded and borrowed easily. Ideally, every town should have a library. (I will leave it open as to how such a wild dream could be realized.) Self-empowerment through reading is a powerful force. And I believe it is the responsibility of citizens to continue to educate and empower themselves, especially after finishing mandatory public schooling.

      I concede that travel is arguably difficult without some measure of privilege. Many people don’t take advantage of their chances to see the world, however. I mean, if you never see anything what stories are you going to tell your children, right? That’s the whole point — just to address all the people that don’t take advantage of their life situations, who stop learning, stop trying new things, and so on.

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