Mar 24th, 2011 by adminadam in fiction

If you overanalyze, you have to arrive at some conclusion eventually, right? the guy said…
there was this man today who came into our store and compared tomato sauces for like an hour and just couldn’t decide
and he just walked out the door
i mean can’t you just fucking pick one, dude?
i mean, in the end you’ll be spending an hour balancing your salt and pepper, won’t you?
so just get in there, toss one in the air and if it doesn’t break when it hits the ground, buy it.

looks like tomato sauce, heavy like a tomato sauce jar, but it must not be the right one,
of this i’m sure, this is not “real”, there is no ‘tomato sauce’… blah, blah, blah…
screw your solipsism – one must act – don’t sit there like a wimp all indecisive out of superiority-beliefs
you are not better than the tomato sauce
you are not better than the tomato sauce
someone made that tomato sauce you know?
you can’t just offend both of them! choose. one. man.

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