A Habitual Vision of Greatness

Nov 27th, 2008 by adminadam in videos

Reject the temptations of success, throw back the status symbols, says Dr. West. It takes courage to think for oneself, but is necessary for one’s own freedom and happiness. Bravery is necessary for greatness, and this is what we should strive for.

He said it before, the current generation will have to retrain their minds to look past success, and to look to a higher place:

I remind young people everywhere I go, one of the worst things the older generation did was to tell them for twenty-five years “Be successful, be successful, be successful” as opposed to “Be great, be great, be great”. There’s a qualititative difference.

See another powerful video of Dr. West speaking at Brown University. And keep in mind your vision of personal greatness, make it a habit of mind to retain your focus on it. Make life about more than just commodities. As the Doctor said, sadly we have to learn to recognize the nihilism and destitution that our culture encourages so effectively. And that’s where the fight begins. That’s where we begin to hack our own destinies.


  • I am now upset that Cornel West did not outgrow religion. How sad.

    • Religion often provides a quite useful path to combat both nihilism and egoism. I actually think he speaks to his religious audience here more than to anyone else. So, naturally, he uses more of that sort of terminology. Also, I would say that religion does not preclude enlightenment. I think the Doctor here is living proof. I believe he would be more than happy to address any of the common critiques of religion as well: ignorance, intolerance, blind faith, etc.